Hockey Equipment Know How

Hockey equipment know how is what players learn in time.  Buying Hockey Equipment is an even tougher relevant decision that players have to make.  Unlike other sports it can be very expensive.  Hockey Skates cost money and in today's world, the sticks can cost just as much if not more.  Why is the sport of hockey so costly?  Well, part of it is protection and the other part is the technology behind it.  That's right, hockey and science go hand in hand.  So what is the know how regarding the gear of the sport?   I like to think of it as an intuition of sorts for hockey players.  As you all know, if you play a sport you are going to need to learn about it if you wish to be successful at it.  In rare cases, you have people who go in to a sport and are a natural, but most and I do mean most if not all need to develop an understanding of it.  Am I able to convey some of my knowledge about hockey gear to the masses?  I would like to think so, but there is no rule that says that will happen.  I like to talk about the sport, because it is my favorite sport to play.  Watching it can be a bit of a pain, because in hockey, goals can come at any time.  You can't always see it happening.  There is a lot of back and forth on the ice.  Puck goes up, puck comes down etc..  Towards the end of the game, the players energy are all drying up from wearing heavy hockey equipment and they would probably like to hang up the skates on a rack and just call it a night.  My point is that, this is all subjective.  You can't know something until you actually go out there and do it.  Everyone has their opinions, especially in sports.  Its up to you to go out and find for yourself.

So What's the point of me writing this if you have to play hockey to know all about the hockey stuff you will be wearing.  I can tell you wear to look.  As a hockey player myself, I would suggest certain equipment companies that I have found to be top notch.  For example, I love Bauer and I think the world of them.  To me, they are hockey company numero uno.  That doesn't mean I am saying just buy their stuff and you will be set.  You might want to try out Easton or Reebok to see if their style fits you as well.  There isn't just one road to a destination there are many.  Its just up to you to decide which road to take.  Oh and as a hockey player, you can skate all the way there.

How much knowledge you have of hockey will help you in choosing the gear that best fits you.  You will gain knowledge through reading, but better yet by experience.  All athletes start somewhere.  Every hockey player didn't just pick up a hockey stick and skates and started scoring on goalies.  Every hockey player at one point did not know how to skate, did not know how to shoot and did not know how to play the sport.  Its that simple.  So, don't fret you will learn eventually, but only if you want to.  If you do not want to gain knowledge then it doesn't matter what hockey equipment you get, you will never make any progress.