Roller Hockey Needs To Make A Comeback!

Roller hockey was a sport that died too quick.  Remember the RHI?  Exactly probably not.  Some of you die hard fans might know what that used to be.  It was supposed to take off and well... Lets just say it died a quick and painful death.  Remember the Philadelphia Bulldogs?  They were owned by Tony Danza of Who's the Boss and "The Contender" fame.  Well they were one of the hot RHI teams for awhile.  I don't know what happened to them.  It would be interesting to see if any of the RHI players went on to the NHL.  I doubt it though.  Inline hockey was deemed by some of the press to be somewhat of a fad and the downfall in the popularity of hockey as a sport.  I personally don't think it was, but some companies nowadays are steering away from the whole inline hockey angle and are trying to put more emphasis on their ice hockey line of products.  I think it was exciting to turn on ESPN in the summer time and see a roller hockey game being played on a major sports network in the middle of the day.  You can actually check out some old RHI videos on youtube.  Infact I will take a look at them and post them in the next sentence.  Ok, so the only video I can find is of the Anaheim Bullfrogs Roller Hockey Team.  Its more of a promo video than actual game, which kinda sucks.  I actually hope that someone out there actually taped one of these RHI games.  It sure would be a trip down memory lane.  I also must point out that in that video having the goalie say he doesn't know much about the puck they play with wouldn't give investors or fans a whole lot of confidence in the sport.  Not that its his fault, John Ginn seems like a cool enough guy and hats off to him for being a part of the RHI.  Hell I don't know what kind of plastic is used in those pucks either.  It almost sounds like he was plucked from an ice hockey team and asked to play in the RHI and promote it.  Apparently the bullfrog players helped construct the rink itself.  I find that to be very cool.  It seems like it would have been very exciting to be part of the Roller hockey movement when it first started.  I remember the buzz about it, but it kind of fizzled.  I also would think that others may have challenged the whole roller hockey is quicker and faster than ice hockey.  I've played roller hockey and I'm not quite sure if it is faster.  It might be though, because the wheels tend to be in motion and blades on ice has much more friction than a wheel.  These are all interesting points.  I hope there are some roller hockey fans out there that can answer some of my questions.